We show our customers the most effective way to reach your target group. More than nine years of experience in online communication have made us the perfect partner. Whether social media, website, chatbot or voice apps, we find the appropriate channels and the optimal tools for your brand, your product or your customers.

We focus on standardization and automatization methods that get the maximum out of your products or brands, without implementing a complex individual solution. Only the consultation must be customized, not the implementation.

In the first step we are driven by numbers. In other words, we analyze and develop data-based goals and actions.

This is How we do it

Step 1: Desired State

First we define a target or a to-be condition with our customers. Whether an already existing service must be digitized, an analogue product must be transported into the digital world or your target group can only be addressed online, we can handle it.

Step 2: Current State

The as-is analysis is the most meticulous phase, as data from user behavior, customer needs, your processes or your products must be carefully analyzed. We always keep in mind what your target group expects from the offer. The data is prepared catered to the project in order to pave the way to the desired state.

Step 3: Compile a Measures Catalogue

Together we compile a catalogue of measures. This serves as a foundation for decisions for the selection, prioritization and implementation of the individual measures. Not every measure has to be implemented, but we have to identify the most cost- and user-relevant ones. Potential matters here.

Step 4: Realization

Based on the priorities, the selected measures are implemented in reduced versions and tested first. We analyze every measure from the very first day and, only if the results are successful, we will realize the complete implementation.

Step 5: Continuous Performance Monitoring

Continuous success monitoring and analysis happens throughout the entire project. Digitalization is fast changing and is linked to constant innovations. For this reason alone, our clients must continuously optimize. We are happy to support our clients in creating sustainable learnings.