Conception and realisation of Alexa Skill for Das Örtliche

The well-known 'Ö' is the directory for telephone numbers, addresses or opening hours. It is constantly finding new ways to help people in their search for companies and individuals. Since October 2016, the local expertise has been available for all Alexa supporting devices.

'Das Örtliche' skill not only allows general searches, but is also capable of establishing free of charge telephone calls between the user and a company. In this project we were able to work on the conception and technical implementation of one of the first German voice user interfaces in form of an Alexa Skill. Pretty cool, huh?

Since then, we have been working hard to further develop and optimize the 'Das Örtliche' skill with new features. In 2017, for example, the skill was supplemented by the christmas market search. Check out the features or read more in our press!