A voice for your brands

What do flip phones, video telephony, self-opening doors and talking computers have in common? Correct - they make the hearts of all Sci-Fi fans beat faster. These days, almost all of them are quite common - except talking computers. They are more relevant than ever in the form of voice assistants and are increasingly finding their way into everyday life.

The multilingual assistants are now represented in almost 100 countries and have fans from every generation. Whether at home or on the road, voice assistants support users in their daily tasks practically at any time and anywhere.

In one minute, an average person can speak 150 words, but only type 40 words.

What are voice apps?

Whether Alexa from Amazon or the Google Assistant: Every digital assistant can be enhanced with useful, individual and entertaining applications, so-called skills and actions. And new ones are being added every day!

Gelbe Seiten

Development of the Alexa Skill “Gelbe Seiten: Kino”

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Das Örtliche

This is how we designed and realized the radius search for the voice apps of Das Örtliche.

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This is how we build voice apps

1. Identify the use case

  • Understand services and products in order to offer user-relevant use cases

2. VUI conception

  • Interpersonal dialogues serve as model for natural conservation design
  • In the Voice User Interface concept, the so-called dialog flow and the corresponding range of functions are modeled

3. Implementation

  • Application logic, integration of existing services and training of the language model are all part of the implementation

4. Quality assurance

  • Voice apps should be put to the test by real users
  • User feedback can be used directly for optimization
  • Additionally, functional testing of the application with certified partners

5. Analysis and training

  • Only continuous testing of the dialogues and the parallel training of speech understanding enable the up the full potential of the voice app
  • This procedure ensures long-term satisfaction of users
  • This also helps us recognize frequently asked questions and develop new features for the voice app

6. Marketing

  • Not only an attractive appearance in the various stores, but also further campaigns are planned during and after development
  • It’s important to give users a simple introduction to the interaction with the voice app