Alexa Skill Gelbe Seiten Kino for the Deutsche Tele Medien GmbH

What do the online-giant Amazon and the branch-expert Gelbe Seiten have in common? Easy one… Their love for cinemas! We developed the smart Gelbe Seiten cinema and movie search on the basis of the Alexa Skill Kit (ASK) for Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. With this skill Alexa is now able to search for cinemas in your location and provide information about the current cinema program, schedule and top movies. An exciting project where we continuously work on the conception and technical realization of one of the first German voice user interfaces (VUI) in form of an Alexa skill.

The skill is available for all echo users in Germany since December 2016 and for all other devices which work with the voice assistant Alexa. Since then we continuously work on the further development of new features and optimization of the skill. Naturally, after becoming such an expert concerning cinemas, we often go to the cinemas ourselves!

What exactly is Amazon Alexa and how does working with such voice-recognition logics look like? Learn more about it in our news!