ProDigitalis Medien continues collaboration with KINDerLeben e.V

During the Christmas season, spending time with the family, contemplation, and social commitment shift in the focus of society’s attention. ProDigitalis Medien GmbH (pdm) is using this as an opportunity to plan their social responsibilities for the coming year. The cooperation with the association KINDerLeben e.V. - an association for the encouragement of the clinic for children with cancer in Berlin - will be continued in 2014.

pdm acknowledged its social responsibility in 2012 and has since been supporting the association with the monthly organization of the project KinderLesen. In close co-operation, the series of events “Charity-Lese- und Literaturprojekt” was launched. The aim of the project is to bring sick children and adolescents closer to literature by letting them read and reading aloud the texts of selected writers and artists in order to put variety into their everyday life at the clinic and therefore to foster the healing process. The children will experience new adventurous worlds, which may remain denied to them by long hospital stays and medication. Direct contact with the writers also allows further discussions and a direct connection to the literature.

At the end of the year, appointments between Ellen von Hartz Geitel, chairman of the association and Christian Baumert, CEO of ProDigitalis Medien GmbH, are already arranged for the forthcoming discussions early in the new year. The focus is primarily on the planning and advancement of the project KinderLesen for the year 2014. One thing is for sure: The monthly readings in hospitals and infirmaries will continue in 2014. “As an agency that works primarily with new media, pdm attempts to create a bridge to classic media and hopes to be able to make a small contribution not only for strong, little personalities, but also for a great association with highly dedicated people and admirable goals", says Christian Baumert, CEO of pdm.

ProDigitalis Medien would like to act as a role model for other agencies and startups in respect of social engagement.

About KINDerLEBEN e.V.:
KINDerLEBEN e.V. - Association for the support of the clinic for children with cancer in Berlin supports projects that promote the daily lives of children and young people with the disease and the healing process.