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Snack content: small appetizer, big taste!

The magic of snack-content comes from its unique form: It’s mostly full-video content, which catches the attention of wide masses within seconds, regardless of time and space – the ideal tool for mobile-affine target groups...

New input for the commission for internet and digital

The commission is the voice for IT-operating small and medium-sized businesses in Germany as it enables businesses to actively take part in the political design of the economic legislative in terms of commenting on them and creating alternative drafts.

Is there a one and only Snapchat Marketing Strategy?

Snapchat seems to be the current favorite toy in the broad field of social apps. To not to be seen as old-fashioned or boring, companies and brands also need to present their content according to the current trend: authentic, real-time, Snapchat.

pdm, guest of the 16. charity gala of the ALBA Group

Last Friday our CEO Christian Baumert was guest at the 16. charity gala of the ALBA Group, which collects donations for KINDerLEBEN e.V.– an association for the encouragement of the clinic for children with cancer at Berliner Charité at their charity gala